Kickboxing 101: A Beginners Guide to Kickboxing for Self Defense, Fitness, and Fun

Kickboxing 101 teaches basic kickboxing techniques for self-defense, fitness, and fun. It explains how to control stand up aspects of a fight through movement, defensive maneuvers, and striking attacks. It also offers insight in the various aspects and principles of kickboxing. What will you learn in this manual? This manual imparts on listeners as many of the basics as possible. These include proper stances, attacks, movements, and more. The idea is to provide listeners with a well-rounded working knowledge that they can perfect on their own or with a partner, in a home or class environment, and use as a primary learning tool or as a supplement to other learning. Specific sections covered in this audiobook include: Chapter 1: Stance and Movement: This section covers the appropriate foot stance and hand positioning, as well as variations. Lateral movement, side movement, and pivoting movement is also included. Chapter 2: Defense, Blocking, and Evasion: This section explains how to evade punches using traditional boxing movements such as the slip or bob n' weave techniques. Chapter 3: Attacking with Punches: In this section, listeners learn to attack with punches such as the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut, as well as variations. Chapter 4: Basic Elbow and Knee Attacks: Knees and elbows are discussed in this section, with multiple variations of both being covered. Listeners learn the round elbow, downward elbow, basic knee, and knee with head grab. Chapter 5: Basic Kick Attacks: Kicks of various types are taught in this section. The kicks are basic and include the rear leg round kick, teep (push kick), and more.

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Book Title: Kickboxing 101: A Beginners Guide to Kickboxing for Self Defense, Fitness, and Fun

Book Author: HowExpert Press,Nathan DeMetz,Isaac Comelli,HowExpert

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