Cojones: Grow a Pair for Success!

Live Authentically, Fearlessly, and UnapologeticallyKeith Fraser is a man who refuses to tread on eggshells or fall into line - nor should you. Pragmatic, straight-talking, forthright and real, this book provides a set of fresh ideas that are immediately applicable and ready to use. Keith’s pioneering Cojones Code is the stand-out blueprint to live by for genuine authenticity and success. Applying a unique mix of psychology including Transactional Analysis and NLP alongside his very own Cojones Ten Commandments. This book will inspire you to:Be fearlessBe bold enough to stand outBe audacious enough to grasp whatever it is YOU decide YOU wantAfter reading this, you will embrace the fact that your life is indeed yours and no one else's to dictate how you live it. Heed this book’s message, and you will GROW A PAIR!!

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Book Title: Cojones: Grow a Pair for Success!

Book Author: Keith G Fraser

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