Trish: A Story of Survival and Recovery

Patricia Byrnes's life began with being reared by deaf parents during an era when the deaf community was shunned rather than supported. Poverty, alcoholism, incest, and poor parenting were the underpinnings of Patricia's life, leading to her own issues with alcohol.  Eventually, with a 12-step recovery program, her life became a powerful, positive example to others. Her story is also a road map for change, and that was no easy task: The transition from self-loathing – the nemesis of the human experience – to self-love was painful but one that had to be taken in order to not only survive, but to also, finally, appreciate the gift she is and was created to share with others.  Change is always possible.... Change is necessary. "The author is a powerful example, demonstrating that a person can suffer from poverty, abuse, addiction, divorce and so much more and not only survive, but use adversity as a vehicle for growth, compassion and wisdom." (Mignon Lawless, Ph.D.) "Trish is a story of love, loss, and longing told through the eyes of a girl who was forced into womanhood too early and a woman who somehow managed to retain the innocence of a girl. The impact of this beautiful book will linger long after you've turned the last page. Prepare to be changed." (Daralyse Lyons, author, speaker, coach)

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Book Title: Trish: A Story of Survival and Recovery

Book Author: Patricia Byrnes,Barbara Rich,Loving Healing Press, Inc.

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