The Call: Conversations & Encounters

Out of my heart flow the issues of my life. This is what I write about. This is what I have written about. This is what this book is about; the issues of my life. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer (scripture) and I am ready to express the thoughts and feelings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Who can search my heart or know its abundance, but the spirit? Life has placed me in so many uncertain and unfamiliar situations, but it has worked all for my good. In other words, “it was a ‘set up’”. As Jesus knocked on the chambers of my heart, I opened unto Him. I made a choice. I accepted Salvation. I figured, either I can change for the better or I can nurture my sorrows, my hurts, my pain, and my past. I was dying while I was living. Now, I have come to understand the nature of the Healer! The bowels of my soul began to rise and be healed. I chose to live, I chose to love, and I chose to allow my heart to be filled with the greatest love of all. His love has inspired me to reach beyond my potential by accentuating the positives in my life and embracing the negatives (issues). I am not bitter, resentful, nor envious of anyone or anything. I forgive those who betrayed me or hurt me (directly or indirectly). I will continue to walk in forgiveness. I will continue to walk out the full expression of who I have been created to be. And, that’s to look more and more like Jesus. Today, out of my heart flows living rivers of love, life, and power.

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Book Title: The Call: Conversations & Encounters

Book Author: Karreecha Newby

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