Wired Shut: 21 Unspoken Keys to College

What do award-winning student athletes, summa cum laude STEM majors, and social chairs who seem to be everywhere at once all have in common? Fundamentals. A few core understandings that drive all of their decisions.In this book, Kevin McCordic outlines the 21 most important fundamentals, or keys, for college students.Transitioning into college can be the biggest change a student has faced up until that point in life. Finding balance during this transition is crucial. The simple truth is that it is possible to find balance and success in every area of college. You can get straight As, go out most nights, maintain great health and pursue your own goals and ambitions all at the same time. Once you understand some of the tricks of the trade, it’s not even difficult. It’s easy.In this manifesto on college life, you’ll learn:- How to eliminate 50% of your work and boost your GPA at the same time- How to improve your health while going out multiple times per week- How to upgrade your social skills by using the combined research of a computer scientist and psychologist- How to use self-investing to get 100x returns on an investmentAnd 17 other keys to making the most out of college

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Book Title: Wired Shut: 21 Unspoken Keys to College

Book Author: Kevin McCordic

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ISBN: B088B57995