TWIN FLAME BOOK OF POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Soul Growth Inspirations (Positive Energetic Vibrations -- Inspiring Love Quotes & Images For Separation)

What is Happiness? I know that there are so many superficial ideas that exist about being happy that the term happiness is left to sound cheesy and overly fantasized.But in reality though, what is Happiness?For me, just simply:Happiness is the feeling that you have when you open your eyes in the morning and the first thought brings a smile to your face. Happiness is when you get out of bed and what you remember about your deeds from yesterday draws a smile in your face.Happiness is congratulating yourself the next day for preparing to be ahead of tomorrow's tasks.Happiness is when you look at your life and what you have created around yourself brings you joy. Happiness is looking in the mirror and you smile at yourself for no reason whatsoever.I would like you to look at the content of this article as if you are the one writing it. I want you to believe that Happiness begins from where you are, how you interpret your surroundings and what you believe your life looks like.Before I understood my happiness, I used to live life from a "third person" kind of view. It was as if I was watching my life pass me by until I learned to have power over it. I took back control of how I appreciated myself and I changed my perspective of how I looked at my life situations.Happiness is a Choice: You must choose to be happy in every moment. And this means starting with simplifying your tasks to make it easy enough for you to enjoy whatever you are doing. The less stress you put in your life situation, the easier life will become for you to live and the more you will enjoy living it.I choose to be happy in everything I do that it became part of my nature. It was difficult to do at first because I needed to CHANGE my thought process. I learned to quiet the negative thoughts that felt like torture to me.I used to constantly torture myself with incessant negative thinking. I used to feel anxious all the time for no reason because I was in my mind all the time.Have empathy for yourself: Do you ever realize how easy it is to have empathy for others but it is difficult and uncomfortable to show it to yourself? This is because we tend to forget our selves in the story. We forget that we are the main character and the creators of the story.If you look around your life situation, you will realize that you have been ignoring yourself in so many ways that everyone around you is happy with you but you are not happy with yourself because you don't know who you are.Self-love is not Selfish:Society constantly tells us to not be "selfish" therefore you do everything in your power to never be selfish or look selfish because you will be looked upon.When it comes to loving yourself, being selfish is what is needed. This is when you focus on accumulating unconditional love towards yourself until it overflows to everyone and everything you focus your energy on.To have self-love is when you feel happy about who you are as an individual, and you are proud of everything that you represent.Like Oprah say; "You must keep your cup full"Honor your preferences and life choices:When you honor your preferences and life choices, you realize that you feel happy about your life situation because you don't have any guilt for making whatever choice that you make. Hug your Inner child:Hugging your inner child means accepting the most basic element of your being. Your inner child is still within you no matter how much life has brought your way over the years. When you look at your life closely at yourself in the mirror, you will see your inner child staring right back at you and if you get uncomfortable feelings when you look at your inner child in the eyes, just know that you need to face the core wounding, and the fear from within you to feel happy.Keep your Inner Child happy and you will be happy.

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Book Title: TWIN FLAME BOOK OF POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Soul Growth Inspirations (Positive Energetic Vibrations -- Inspiring Love Quotes & Images For Separation)

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ISBN: 1097948439