Gravity Journal: Create your own Fall adventure !!!

The Zodiac is a powerful source that was written millions of years ago by the ancient natives saying that if both symbols came together it would defeat the evil "⚠".When all 10 symbols are brought together, an ultimate power will be unleashed that would then destroy "⚠" and reverse his weirdness across the entire valley forever.★★★★★ Overflow your imagination creating your own ADVENTURE !!! ★★★★★Now with ♥ ILLUSTRATED ♥ pages !!!Customize your own cover (write on it whatever you want: your name, maybe a number...)Use it as a JOURNAL (obvious) / NOTEBOOK / DIARY / or whatever ;)PERFECT Birthday / Halloween / school / Christmas / GIFT !!!Any fan of the TV SHOW will love this book. Guaranteed!123 (weird number) old-fashioned pages effect (not more boring lines)Cream paper (for a cool VINTAGE look)Size 8 x 10 Inches !!!Glossy cover finishCollect all 10 zodiac designs + 1 special evil design "⚠" !!!Perfect for theme party !!!

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Book Title: Gravity Journal: Create your own Fall adventure !!!

Book Author: Prop House

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