Freakishly FAST 40 Yard Dash: Attain Football Speed Dominance Using 11 Olympic-Sprinter Running Mechanics

“Nic, I want to thank you for your expertise in helping me get off the line fast. I use these techniques today in my professional NFL career.” -Pierre Garcon, NFL Wide ReceiverWritten for athletes but also an excellent resource for coaches & parents, you’ll learn how poor running mechanics are causing you to waste your speed potential--perfectly good potential that could have been used to make you run a faster 40. Stop wasting that potential!This book gives you the opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of a faster 40 yard dash. Applying the 11 Olympic Sprinter Running Mechanics in this book will help you: •attract more attention from scouts and recruiters •become a stronger candidate for NCAA scholarships•make stadiums go wild with better play-making ability•lock down a starting position on the varsity squad Olympic sprinters use highly specific running mechanics to break world records and win gold medals. To the untrained eye, these techniques are unobservable. However, with the coaching distilled into this resource, you can use the highly specific running mechanics of Olympic sprinters for your own benefit. I wish I had a resource exactly like this as a younger athlete. At just 20,000 words, this book is fluff-free and gets straight to the point (typical 200 page paperback is approximately 55,000 words).You’ve probably come across the over-simplified descriptions about running a faster 40 on YouTube. Telling an athlete to “stay low” without explaining the specific mechanics involved in staying low is useless. “HOW do I do what you’re telling me to do?” If all you get for yourself is the “what” of sprinting form, you’re cutting yourself short. You need the “how” to properly perform the “what,” and this book provides you with all the details you need to copy the running mechanics of Olympic sprinters. BONUS: Email a video of your sprint start, and get it analyzed for free. (one per customer, details inside) Without proper technique, you will not make the most of your available muscle power and, therefore, your 40 times will be slower than necessary. It’s like this: Say you and I are motorcycle-racing on a 400 yard straightaway (length of four football fields). During the race, I keep my bike stable and straight, while you sway from side-to-side and zigzag your way down the road. Assuming both of our bikes are capable of the same speed, who wins? I do, because I directed my speed in a straight line while you directed your speed side-to-side. A 40 yard dash is no different. If your form is sloppy, you will run a slower time than you’re capable of. By applying the mechanics used by the fastest athletes in the world, Olympic sprinters, you can assure yourself you are maximizing your potential. As someone with both a coach’s perspective and a high-performance athlete’s perspective, I’ve never understood why football players aren’t using Olympic Sprinter Running Mechanics to crush their 40 yard dash personal bests. Simply “bearing down” and “running hard” never gets the results you think it will, so stop doing that! This eBook gives you the 40 yard dash speed solution you’ve been looking for. Combining easy-to-understand descriptions with YouTube videos of Olympic sprinters, you will master the three phases of the 40:1) 3-Point Stance Phase2) Drive Phase 3) Upright Running PhaseYou will also get a 6-week training program to help you apply the Olympic Sprinter Running Mechanics detailed in this eBook, as well as insight into the mindset required to be the type of athlete who makes huge performance breakthroughs. In total, this book reveals 11 Olympic Sprinter Running Mechanics to get you from where your 40 speed currently is to where you want it to be. With each technique, you will discover how Olympic sprinters execute the movement.

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Book Title: Freakishly FAST 40 Yard Dash: Attain Football Speed Dominance Using 11 Olympic-Sprinter Running Mechanics

Book Author: Nic Saluppo

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ISBN: 1985574640