Never Settle 5 Secrets To Snatch Wallets & Your Self Respect

Ever wonder why men think it's OK to treat us the way they do? Feeling conflicted about finally putting yourself first? Never Settle is for women who have had enough of dating broke and disrespectful men. It's a highly inspirational, no nonsense, kick ass combination of personal struggles women can relate to. Sugarfuzz discusses her own past struggles and her success as a sugarbaby. What is a sugarbaby? You may be surprised to find out it's not what you think. She offers advice and solidarity in a blunt but short and funny read covering dating, self esteem, money, friendship, business, and safety tips. She gives the advice men don't want women to hear because it means they'll be shit out of luck finding their next victim. You deserve better than men who take you for granted and can't afford to give you the lifestyle you deserve. This book will help you understand why most men think the way they do and why it's important for you as woman to be in charge of your relationships and your life. Stop settling.Disclaimer: This book is NOT a how to detailing where to go, how to dress, and what to say to attract a rich sugardaddy or any man for that matter. That kind of advice is unrealistic and if that’s what you seek, look elsewhere.

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Book Title: Never Settle 5 Secrets To Snatch Wallets & Your Self Respect

Book Author: Sugarfuzz

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