Rise of the Ranger: The Echoes Saga, Book 1

300,000 Copies Sold Worldwide The Echoes of Fate, a Prophecy Uttered Unto the World a Thousand Years Ago, Cannot Be Denied.... Mankind has lorded over the land of Illian for a thousand years, building on the ruins left by the elves, as if it were their birthright. A thousand years is a long time for an immortal race to see the truth of things, a truth that has remained unsaid for a millennium - elves are superior. They are faster, stronger, and connected to the magical realm in a way that man could never grasp. Illian should belong to them.  Unaware of the shadow that looms in the east, the six kingdoms of man are fractured, unallied, and clawing at each other's gates for more power. This isn't just war set to ravage the land, but a slaughter - the world of man cannot hope to survive. Thrown into the heart of this war is a man known by many names; an Outlander of the wilds, an assassin, a ranger. Asher was born a thousand years ago, to a life he doesn't remember. Forty years of brutal training and killing for money has beaten the earliest years of his life away, leaving his ties to the oldest of evils a mystery to all.... Rise of The Ranger Launches an Unmissable Epic Fantasy Series.

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Book Title: Rise of the Ranger: The Echoes Saga, Book 1

Book Author: Philip C. Quaintrell,Steven Brand,Podium Audio

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