Golf Strength Training (English Edition)

Pound the ball. Stay healthy. Win tournaments.Golf is evolving. To stay up with the times you must hit the ball further and more accurately than ever before. Strength training is rapidly becoming more and more popular amongst the best golfers in the world. The trouble is that strength training done incorrectly will wreck your game. On the flip side, logical strength training will improve your game immensely. What makes the difference? Method.In Golf Strength Training, Beau Bradbury CSCS, CPT, a seasoned fitness professional and a 2 handicap golfer, does a wonderful job of making the complex subject of strength and conditioning for the game of golf very simple for you. In the book, he explains how to dodge common training pitfalls that cause many golfers frustration and disappointing results. He shows you how a highly productive golf strength training program can be accomplished in as few as 1-2 hours per week. As an added bonus, he goes into depth explaining how to mesh your training in the gym with your golf practices and events. Through his words, you can really tell his sole goal is to make you a better golfer.Beau equips you with a world-class strength and conditioning program designed to make you the best golfer you can possibly be. He shows you how to use the program during the in-season and the off-season. The dynamite training program included will save you lots of time, valuable energy, and will boost your power where it matters most... the golf course.This easy-to-read and thoughtful book will help countless golfers hit the ball further and add much enjoyment to their respective games. Whether you are a tour pro or a weekend warrior this information will make you better. Golf Strength Training is a must have for any golfer's library.Golf Strength Training includes:3 fully explained golf strength & conditioning programsLearn how to "build" and then "tune" for performance enhancementHistory of strength and conditioning and why golfers need it now more than everA one year training plan including what to do in-season and the off-seasonCountless ideas and tips to boost performance in the gym and on the courseNumerous "game-like" drills to boost your scoring abilityValuable golf practice protocolsResults-based gym training philosophy and physiology made easy to comprehend and applyBONUS PROGRAM INCLUDED: The Jacked Golfer Split - "for the ones who want it all... a jaw dropping physique and a respectable golf game" Scroll up, click buy, and make this season your best yet with a STRONGER and SAFER golf game!

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Book Title: Golf Strength Training (English Edition)

Book Author: Beau Bradbury

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ISBN: B07FS414N3