The Search for Truth: A Deconversion from Christianity

Have you every doubted your faith? Do you have a loved one who has rejected their faith without articulating exactly why? The Search for Truth details the path of the deconversion process. For the religious, you will gain insights into how and why someone deconverts from their religion. For the non-religious, you will get help in your own search - no definitive answers, only guidance.Regardless of your spirituality, you will appreciate the detailed look into the mind of a man going through his own deconversion process. People tend to believe that losing faith has some sort of 'magic bullet' that caused a person to lose their faith - but this is an illusion.Rather, the process takes years and is the result of many facets of faith being smashed, often followed by soul wrenching and confusing periods for the person experiencing the loss of their identity.Most sophisticated atheists never intended to become atheists, but atheism was the only label left after exhausting their own Search for Truth.

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Book Title: The Search for Truth: A Deconversion from Christianity

Book Author: Nathaniel Thomas Johns

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