Coaching Rayna (English Edition)

A case of opposites attract, or fatal attraction?He’s ten years her junior, a bad boy bodybuilder, too wild to be tamed. He knows she deserves more than the likes of him. Nonetheless, she is the object of his fascination.She’s a divorced mother craving seduction by her brawny neighbour. She’s lonely but has too much baggage to consider acting on her infatuation. He’s worthy of an uninhibited, younger woman with a supreme body and a fierce sexual drive, none of which describes her.One steamy summer afternoon has them unable to deny their needs. While Coach enlightens her about his savage sexual nature, Rayna teaches him that connecting on a deeper level can be more rewarding than anything he’s experienced. But not everyone is thrilled these opposites connected. As Rayna and Coach struggle to overcome the ghosts of their pasts together, toxic exes and psychopathic admirers refuse to be pushed aside, ruthlessly taking their revenge with a pound of flesh. Can the two survive what they’ll be forced to endure, or will their attraction end in disaster?

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Book Title: Coaching Rayna (English Edition)

Book Author: Pebbles Lacasse

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