Emotional Power: How to Understand and Use Your Emotions to Propel Yourself to a Better Life

In the classic novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the eternally young Dorian Gray declares complete dominance over his emotions. To take Gray's words at face value, one should not be at the mercy of one's emotions, only dominate them. As Mr. Gray finds out too late, peace in life comes from balance. Dr. Karen Perkins' Emotional Power teaches that emotions let us know if we are comfortable with a situation, or if we are not. Emotions are our guides, our warning signals, and our rewards. Emotions are to be proudly used as the tools they are; not to be feared, shunned, or ignored. Emotions are to be used.Dr. Karen takes us through the steps to identify our emotions, embrace them, enjoy them, feel them, understand them, and then to use them as a powerful tool towards personal strength. Unlike Dorian Gray, whose goal is the domination of his emotions meant to only experience pleasure, Karen teaches us how to find true power, comfort, peace and pleasure in most areas of our lives through understanding ourselves. While we all use and deal with emotions, not all of us have developed our natural skillsets to positively control the responses we have to events in our lives. Karen walks us through both the science and the logic behind emotions, and then provides examples, tools, and opportunities to enhance these natural skillsets by recognizing and acting positively when events in our life trigger emotional responses. Dr. Karen leads you through the process of learning about the role emotions play in your life. From linking scientific research on emotions to personal self-discovery of those emotions in yourself, she identifies the steps to follow and pitfalls to avoid in coming to grips with the way you personally deal with events in your life. She points out that most of our emotional responses are ones that we have learned over time and they are ingrained in ourselves until we believe they are the only natural response. She shows that all of our responses can, with a little effort, be rethought, relearned, and then selectively channeled to provide more positive outcomes. Emotional Power starts by walking you through some of the reasons that you react like you do, where emotions come from and how they are triggered. Then moves from there with stories and examples giving you a step by step process and guide to make peace with your emotions and begin using them to move yourself forward positively.Know yourself! The latter portion of the book is dedicated to understanding your basic personality type. Are you a Lion, a Lamb, an Owl, or a Peacock? What does that mean to you? Once you have that down, she turns your attention outward and shows you how to identify those personalities in the people around you. Communication always relies on understanding. Having an understanding of yourself and another's basic personality style allows you to quickly adopt your communication style to match their personality's needs. Happily Ever After - Something Dr. Karen believes in deeply. This is a massive step in that direction. If there is one book on personal motivation, personal understanding, or communications, this is the book to have.

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Book Title: Emotional Power: How to Understand and Use Your Emotions to Propel Yourself to a Better Life

Book Author: Karen R Perkins

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ISBN: 1628652357