Painters Guide to Color (Latest Edition)

The Premier Guide for Painters to Understanding Color!Painter's Guide to Color was written foremost with the painter in mind. However, weavers, textile designers, interior decorators, and commercial artists have all benefited from award-winning artist Stephen Quiller's innovative and accessible color theory techniques. Painter's Guide to Color will help you to train your eye to see and use color in exciting ways. This book is also available from Echo Point Books in hardcover, ISBN 1635619564. Be sure to extend your knowledge of painting techniques with a copy of Casein Painting with Stephen Quiller (hardcover ISBN 1635619645, paperback 1635619653), also available from Echo Point Books.

Book Details

Book Title: Painters Guide to Color (Latest Edition)

Book Author: Stephen Quiller

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1635619572