AP Calculus AB & BC, plus Timed-Exam CD-Software (Advanced Placement (AP) Test Preparation)

Are You Serious About Scoring a 5 on Your Advanced Placement* exam?Then Get REA’s Test Prep for the AP* Calculus AB & BC Exams with TestWare CDREA’s Calculus AB & BC test prep gives you everything you need to score a 5 on the AP* exam!This second edition of our popular Advanced Placement* test prep is completely up-to-date and aligned with the official AP* Calculus AB & BC exams. The book contains a thorough review of all the areas covered on the AP* exams, including Limits & Continuity, Derivatives, Integrals, Sequences & Series, and Vector Valued Functions. Each review chapter is packed with equations, formulas, and examples with solutions, so you can study smarter and score a 5!The book contains eight practice tests — five practice tests for Calculus AB and three practice tests for Calculus BC. The practice tests are composed of every type of question that can be expected on the actual AP* Calculus AB & BC exams, so you can “practice for real” and target your strengths and weaknesses before the test. Three of the practice tests (two for AB and one for BC) are included on CD in a timed format with automatic, instant scoring and detailed explanations of answers.Our interactive TestWare CD features on-screen answers, diagnostic feedback, plus an extended time function for students with disabilities. Book comes complete with a handy study schedule for each exam, plus confidence-boosting test-taking strategies.If you’re serious about getting a 5 on your exam, then you need REA’s test prep for AP* Calculus AB & BC!REA has helped more than a million students succeed on their AP* exams! Teachers across the country consider our AP* titles to be invaluable resources and consistently recommend our books to their students.

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Book Title: AP Calculus AB & BC, plus Timed-Exam CD-Software (Advanced Placement (AP) Test Preparation)

Book Author: Norman Levy,Advanced Placement,Calculus Study Guides

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ISBN: 0738606286