Find Beauty In The Blood: Book One (Raven Clan Series)

Freya wanted to start over after her failed marriage. She was strong and determined. After she found herself in Freemont, Texas her life would never be the same though. She had planned on starting over there but her plans came to a sudden halt when she saw the handsome man sitting in the small town cafe. Her heart raced and her stomach twirled. She would soon have to decide between living a normal life or a life full of danger and passion. She'd been through plenty of trauma in her life, could she endure anymore? Scott was bound and determined to find the vampires tormenting the small town in Texas. He hunted down Outlaw Feeders, vampires who broke the law. His life had been anything but normal but he did his job and that was that. It wasn't until he saw the beautiful woman sitting in a booth that he wanted something more. She made his heart sizzle hotter than the Texas heat. But he had a secret...he was a hundred and fifty year old vampire who hunted down bad vampires, but that wasn't it. Could she accept him and everything his life came with? Due to adult content this book is for adults 18+The descriptions, stories, places, situations, and characters in this book are fiction and are not to be taken literally.

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Book Title: Find Beauty In The Blood: Book One (Raven Clan Series)

Book Author: Neiko Boyer

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