Americas First Highways (Americas Historic Highways)

Before the era of the interstate highway, before there was even a Route 66, there were auto trails. For a brief period in the early 20th century, these privately funded roads bridged the gap between the era of the stagecoach turnpike and the age of the federal highway.With names like the Yellowstone Trail, the National Old Trails Road and the famed Lincoln Highway, they offered the newly unshackled American tourist a way to hit the open road — even if that road was dirt or gravel, and you were liable to get lost along the way.The visionaries who built those roads and the carmakers who made it all possible. Did you know Henry Ford once set the land speed record ... on a frozen lake? Or that the National Football League was founded in an auto dealership? Or that the man behind the Lincoln Highway built the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and made Miami Beach a winter resort?You’ll read about the first person to drive from coast to coast in an automobile (with a goggle-wearing bulldog) and the around-the-world contest that inspired the movie The Great Race. You’ll also find stories of Dwight Eisenhower’s 1919 cross-country trip that helped convince him of the need for an interstate highway system; and the auto camping craze that led to the first motels.But most of all, you’ll learn about the auto trails themselves: How they came into being, their role in paving the way our federal highways, and their eventual demise. It’s all here in a single volume packed with details and more than 200 historic and modern images. America’s First Highways is a companion to Yesterday’s Highways and Volume II in the America’s Historic Highways Series.

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Book Title: Americas First Highways (Americas Historic Highways)

Book Author: Stephen H. Provost

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ISBN: 1949971112