To A New You

This book is more than just about weight loss it is about getting healthy physical, mentally and emotionally. In this book you will find information on how your body works, nutrition, weight loss/control, workouts, recipes and lot more but most of all that it DOES NOT TAKE A LOT OF MONEY OR GYM MEMBERSHIP to lose weight. For the reader I want you to know on a personal level that I am no millionaire nor do I spend endless hours in the gym. To be honest with you I have been battling weight loss my whole life always failing and thinking it was going to have to take money to help me lose weight which I have never had. I have poured my heart into this book and if I can just reach out to one person in a positive way I will feel that all my hard work has paid off. I hope you enjoy this book and I wish you the best on where ever your journey takes you in life. Last all the products that I have written about in this book I have used at one point of my weight loss journey in my life.

Book Details

Book Title: To A New You

Book Author: Krista Simons

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ISBN: 1497501830