The Enneagram Workbook: Understanding Yourself & Others

The Enneagram, a nine-pointed star in a circle, is an ancient cosmic symbol whose origin has been shrouded in mystery. It was introduced to the West about 80 years ago by internationally acclaimed teacher George Gurdjieff. In the past ten years, however, it has been soaring in popularity as a way of identifying and analyzing nine basic personality types. Here, the author, a psychologist and healer who studied in Gurdjieff groups for 15 years, looks deeply at the nine types, their strengths and weakness (the shadow), their way of looking at the world, their corresponding chakras, colors, and animals, as well as cosmic insights. He points out how the different types act when stressed or relaxed, delineates 35 combination types, and provides over 80 questions that will help you figure out what type you are--the Observer, the Lover, the Magician, the Boss, and so on. In a unique feature, he provides exercises (45 of them) that are especially selected to help each type grow and overcome ways of thinking that are limiting. Then, pulling all Enneagram techniques together, he presents a completely different face of the Enneagram and shows how to put it to practical use as a map of any personal or business situation, so that you can tell where you are in any process and what type of events lie ahead. Sterling 192 pages, 83 b/w illus., 8 1/4 x 11.

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Book Title: The Enneagram Workbook: Understanding Yourself & Others

Book Author: Klaus Vollmar

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ISBN: 0806903236