Self Love is Not Selfish: Unlocking Internal Wealth

Warning: This Book Will Change The Way You View The World Forever. These secrets will only be available for a limited time. So many people tell you to love yourself but nobody ever went in depth to tell you how to love yourself and unlock the god in yourself until now. Everything you need to know to unlock your internal wealth is in this book. I've signed to Def Jam Recordings with my brother. I also created the biggest promotional company in music but never understood SELF LOVE in this way. These steps healed my relationship with myself and everybody in my life by making me understand forgiveness, inner-g, losing baggage and loving others as i love my self. I believe 95% of people have love for people but they don't know how to love them correctly and this book reveals everything you need to master self love and loving others. If this book doesn't change your life for the better, i'll refund you your money personally. - KING of 334 MO.B.B. AKA Kennie Buchanan

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Book Title: Self Love is Not Selfish: Unlocking Internal Wealth

Book Author: Kennie G. Buchanan Jr.

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