The Grand Tour

Perfectly interpreted in a contemporary, enriching manner, The Grand Tour takes the viewer on an inspirational journey through Italy's most individual hotels scattered all over the peninsula, all whilst letting readers discover the myriad of culture that there is to learn from every corner of this great country The Grand Tour proposes a distinct way of travelling, becoming an invaluable travel companion or a unique window on the world in the making Beginning in the late 16th century it became fashionable for the aristocracy to visit Italy; from Venice to Florence and Rome as the culmination of their classical education. Thus, the idea of The Grand Tour was born; a practice which taught art, architecture and culture to the noblemen of the time. In England, where grand architecture was increasingly seen as an aristocratic pursuit, gentlemen often applied what they had learnt from the villas of Palladio in Veneto, the evocative ruins of Rome and the grand churches in Florence, to their own country houses and gardens, purchasing antiquities and paintings whilst in Italy. The Italy of today still remains a romantic destination. In this book, each reader will be able to travel on a modern-day Grand Tour, staying in the most inspiring and unique properties of the country, absorbing their infinite culture, majestic beauty, unique designs and charming stories. A journey through Italy in its full splendour.

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Book Title: The Grand Tour

Book Author: HIP Hotels

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ISBN: 0993557708