Why Does He Keep Hurting Me?: Questions Everyone Wants to Know ... Understanding victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence ebook

To the world, I lived a beautiful life with a perfect home, perfect children, perfect husband, and perfect business. However, behind the four walls of our home, I lived a secret life of unimaginable violence. Domestic violence is a silent crime, so shocking, so horrific, that it’s swept under the rug as if it doesn’t exist. A world so terrifying, that when women cry for help from family, friends, police and even our judicial system – they find no comfort. One out of every three women are abused. I wondered how in my own situation that I could spend twenty years enduring horrific torture, yet remain in the situation. During the last eight years of my marriage, I spent endless hours trying to find a way to escape from a man who would not let me go. To understand why a woman would endure such abuse, you would have to understand the mind of a batterer. Why Does He Keep Hurting Me? Questions Everyone Wants to Know answers questions everyone wants to know about batterers, victims, and how and why it happens. If you or someone you know are experiencing abuse order Why Does He Keep Hurting Me? Questions Everyone Wants to Know, now and get the answers you need to make the right decisions. Domestic violence expert, Kelly Ann Evers reveals the truth about abusive and controlling men. Evers shines light into what makes abusive men tick, giving women an eye-opening view of an abuser’s tactics.She answers questions like:•Why does he keep hurting me?•Can I trust him?•Is it normal for one day to be Mr. Wonderful, the next Mr. Violent?•He blames me for him beating me. Is it my fault?•Everyone loves my husband. why isn't he like that with me?•When he drinks, he is more violent. Is that normal?•Why can’t I make him happy? •He says, “if you do what I want, this won’t happen to you.”•What’s wrong with me? Are you curious about your safety, abusers’ tactics, excuses they make, warning signs, understand each level of abuse from subtle, insidious put-downs to full-out tantrums of name-calling, screaming, and threatening, to violent physical abuse?Abusers are masterful at manipulating his partner. With years of learning how to control his subjects, he can masterfully twist a situation around so much, that she begins to doubt her own beliefs.If you’re curious about your abuser/batterer here are a few subjects you’ll learn:The Mind of the Batterer * Mesmerized by His Love * Dual Personalities * Profiles of Batterers * Questions Everyone Wants to Know * Why Do Batterers Batter? * How do Batterers become Batterers? * Is It Caused by Alcohol or Drugs? * Why Doesn’t She Just Leave? * Progression of Abuse * 9-Types of Abuse * Common Characteristics of Battered Women * Characteristics of a Potential Batterer * Behavior of The Batterer in Court * Top 27 Signs of an Abusive Man * Stop Abuse Before it Happens * Preparing to Leave * Red Flags * Safety * and much more!Tags: healing from abuse, fear, and anxiety, God's love heals, why does he keep hurting me? the courage to heal, abused women, physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, abuse recovery, memoirs, journaling, journal writing, dysfunctional relationships, violent men, abusers, abusive, batterer, domestic violence, domestic abuse, LGBT, devotionals, why does he do that?, freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety, romance and abuse, victims of domestic violence, domestic abuse violence, domestic abuse survivor, abuse survivors, abuse victim, emotional abused, verbal abuser, abuse kindle books, domestic violence kindle books, abuse memoir, domestic violence sourcebook, domestic abuse counseling, domestic abuse workbook, domestic abuse survivors, domestic abusers,

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Book Title: Why Does He Keep Hurting Me?: Questions Everyone Wants to Know ... Understanding victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence ebook

Book Author: Kelly Ann Evers

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