Bulletproof: 15 Laws for Unshakeable Confidence, Defeating Your Fears, and Conquering Your Goals

Are you a victim of low confidence, low self-esteem, and insecurity - and are they preventing you from the life that you want and deserve? Does this leave you afraid to take action? Continually sitting on the sidelines and thinking about the "what ifs" in your life? All of this can be changed, improved, and upgraded with an injection of explosive, unshakeable confidence! Everything that you want in life is achievable if you possess the confidence to allow your positive traits to shine through and take action. Say goodbye to your fears, roadblocks, excuses, and hello to new heights and accomplishments. Bulletproof is a synthesis of the confidence hacks and laws that I've used to grow my confidence to what it is today... from my humble roots as a fat kid and possibly the most insecure seven-year-old in the world. It was a painful process of experimentation and deep introspection - a process which I hope to spare you in bringing you my 15 laws for unshakeable confidence! The 15 laws I present are intuitive, insightful, and above all else, actionable and realistic. There is also none of "faking it 'til you make it" and other generic pieces of advice that don't help you. Nothing else matters if you can't utilize my laws and take lessons and value from them - and I can promise that you'll get that here. What will the confidence laws teach me? Why perfectionism kills your confidence and how to break out of it. How embracing failure can be your greatest teacher and asset. Where true confidence should stem from and why. How confidence makes you a magnetic presence anywhere you go. As well as: Eleven simple confidence hacks and mindsets that you can use today! Six confidence-destroying mindsets that you need to eliminate now. Confidence is a trait that makes people stand up and take notice of you in all the best ways. Don't let this chance to shatter your limits and fears and accomplish new heights pass you by. Start the rest of your life

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Book Title: Bulletproof: 15 Laws for Unshakeable Confidence, Defeating Your Fears, and Conquering Your Goals

Book Author: Patrick King,Joe Hempel

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