Secret Southern California: A Guide to Unique Places (1)

Secret Southern California was written for all of these adventurers, those coming from both far and near who seek truly unusual getaways. Secret Southern California is a totally updated guide that is a spin-off from the popular Off the Beaten Path Southern California, editions 1-8, by Kathy Strong. Still a guide to those hard-to-find spots, even in the most obvious destinations, this book is for the traveler who seeks something more than the usual: side-road explorations, "living" history lessons, new adventures, cutting-edge experiences and even secrets shared by locals and travel experts who know their destination best. No matter what your interests are, from Hollywood-movie-great haunts to lush, palm-lined Indian canyons or speakeasy bars, Secret Southern California will grant you some new ideas for your next vacation or weekend escape.Come along and discover those secrets that just have to be shared―especially when they are tied up in adventure, fun and anything but the expected. If you think you know everything about your favorite destinations in Southern California, consider this an opportunity to add a few more favorites to your list. For those who seek intrigue, pleasant surprises, let's-not-tell finds and off-the-beaten-path treasures, this is just for you!

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Book Title: Secret Southern California: A Guide to Unique Places (1)

Book Author: Kathy Strong

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ISBN: 1543966292